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Hello! Welcome to my Dog Blog. I am “doggy Layla”, your  four-pawed friend talking to you. Here is my photo 🙂

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I would like to give you some suggestions when buying your doggies clothes.

Sometimes when the weather is cold, windy, rainy or snowy, humans tend to go through their closets in order to select clothes according to the type of weather you are facing in that precise moment. Well, in the same way that humans search for the right clothes, we the dogs need to wear the proper clothes, then we will keep warm and comfortable avoiding freezing.
Obviously, there are some breeds that deal well with different types of weather, therefore chilly conditions don’t represent any problem and they feel even better on winter days than during the summer heat. However, so many of us feel frozen and our owners should keep in mind to provide us with warm and practical dog clothes.

As yet, some people believe that dressing dogs is just a matter of fashion, consequently humans don’t give any importance to our outfit, but it’s essential to realize that for dogs that are inside the houses, it’s a little bit of shocking to adapt to cold, windy rainy or snowy weather when we go for a walk outside home.

Conversely, outdoor dogs that are used to stay out the most of the day, have bodies with the capability to protect themselves from changing weather due to the proper amount of body fat and thick fur. For this reason, these type of dogs don’t need special clothes,  but all other doggies need to dress warmly before going out for a walk, specifically the ones that have short hair or those who are sick or old.

What are the different types of clothes available for dogs? Dog Blog

Firstly, if you are taking us for a walk during cold, rainy or snowy days, you should consider the type of dog suit that is going to be the best for us. There’re plenty of factors to consider as the weather conditions, our activities, our health, age and amount and length of hair.

Nowadays, there are thousands of dog supplies, thus you can pick the perfect product for us. Nonetheless, you must think also about our comfort, therefore dog clothes in addition to being warm should allow us to move easily, then going out for a walk is a pleasure for us because we can enjoy it.

The types of available dog clothes that you might find in AllStoreForU are:

Dog Coat, Jacket, Vest, Suit, Set, Shoes, Boots and Socks: Dog Blog

They are usually made from fleece with many layers, as result they are warm and water resistant. Even more, some might include a hood. Moreover, there are different fastening structures like zippers, velcro and snap-buttons.  Humans can notice which system is more suitable for us. These clothes options are the best option to keep us warmed because they protect us from cold, wind, rain and snow. Furthermore, you should not forget our paws, you can prevent us from freezing or getting wet due the rain and the snow.

Dog Sweater:

Sweaters are manufactured of knitted fabric with turtleneck. They are warm, but don’t protect enough against windy and wet conditions. A good dog sweater should be warm and have the design that provides comfort and does not restrict dog’s mobility.

Dog Hoody:

Hoodies, as well as sweaters are made of cotton knitted fabric. They are suitable for non-very chilly weather. They are comfortable for us allowing us to freely move because they are not heavy, large  and so tight as jackets and vests. Additionally, we look fashionate.
Buying the right Dog Clothes Size:

It is crucially important to buy the correct size in order to allow us to feel comfortable. A wrong size may cause us be hurt, tight or feel loose. For this reason, humans should take our right measures in the following way:

Back: Take the size from neck to the end of the back before the tail.
Neck: You should measure all around the neck and verify that is not so tight or so loose.
Chest: You should considered the widest part of our body and verify that is not so tight or so loose.

I think that these tips are enough for humans to dress properly their dogs.

I invite you to browse the different dog supplies categories that AllStoreForU has for your dog.

Thank you so much for taking care of your dog and for your time reading me 🙂

Enjoy your visit and purchasing experience and see you in my next blog.

Love you,
Doggy Layla

Here I share with you my photo sleeping with my adorable jacket coz I was feeling frozen 🐶⚡️😍

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