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Dog Blog: Benefits

Hello! I am “doggy Layla” your  four-pawed friend talking to you. Here I share my photo with you.

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I would like to tell you some benefits of owing a dog.

Dog Blog: Benefits

Benefits of owning a Dog: Do you think that dogs just give you love and pleasure? Well, read this article to find out all the great advantages that “dog-lovers” have when they own a doggy. Please leave your comments if you know more benefits.

1. Dogs are great company.

Dogs give unconditional love and emotional support and people having a dog feel less alone.

2. Dogs help you live longer

Owning a dog can help you live longer because there is lower blood pressure levels and improved responses to stress.

The bond between humans and dogs reduces stress, which causes cardiovascular problems.

3. Dogs give you comfort and ease your worries.

Dogs help to relieve stress and anxiety because they lowers blood pressure, heart rate, slows breathing, and relaxes muscle tension.

4. Dogs help you to recover from worries and problems.

Dogs help you recover psychologically and physiologically.

5. Dogs help you to workout.

Dog owners do more daily physical activity than non-dog owners.

6. Dogs help you to have a date.

When a person has a dog,  he/she looks more likeable and attractive.

Women get more benefits than men with dogs

7. Dogs help you to socialize.

Walking with a dog helps you to be more  conversational and approachable because it is easier to make new friendships.

8. Dogs conquer your hearts

Dogs are so irresistible that make you take so much care of us.

9. Dogs give you happiness and joy

When you look our eyes, your level of oxytocin increases.

The love and support that dogs offer to our owners are very important, especially during tough times.

10. Dogs help third-age people, ill and disabled people

Dogs improve the cognitive function of people with mental illness and decrease agitated behaviors in persons with dementia. Also, improve social interactions.

When a person has a dog, both parties: person and us take care of each other, so, it is mutual.

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Dog Blog: Benefits

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